Anglican Benedictine Nuns

The Benedictine Vocation

Church interior with nuns singing office - ThomasPaleyPhotographic

God calls some to respond to his love by seeking and serving him in the monastic life. The Rule of St. Benedict was written in the sixth century in times as unstable as our own, but the spiritual values, wisdom and discretion it contains still show us the 'path of life'.

The Benedictine way is a Christ centred life of prayer, work and study. It is a life lived within the enclosure of the Abbey grounds and within a community where relationships are essential for the growth of each sister.

God seeks us. The truth, beauty and holiness of God draws us into the community. The love of God working in and through the community, transforms us into the likeness of Christ. With joy and awe we need only say 'Yes'

Harvesting Our Community